RAUH-Welt BEGRIFF. Porsche 996. Going Water-cooled

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With RAUH-Welt porting around the internet like wild fire, it is getting worryingly close to becoming a fad. What is essentially a case of taking a full blown Porsche Motorsport monster and giving Joe public the opportunity to roll the streets, has hit a spot within the ‘scene’ like nothing else, but protecting it from scene points is paramount to it’s success.Not to mention treading carefully beyond it’s current position.

Historically, they are predominantly based on the later 930/964 and 993 generation Porsche, however with running costs and ease of ownership increasing and decreasing respectively, it was only a matter of time before the idea of the far more plentiful and dare we say, cheap, 996 received the RWB touch.

Ooooohhh we here you say! Well, thanks to the ever impressive skills of Jon Sibal, here is a rendition for you to soak in. Time to check with your Bank Manager and hit the classifieds >>>

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  1. Haha, it is relative, of course!

    While I gotta say I disagree about the mustang comment though. I had two roadrace (i wasnt a drag race kind of guy) mustang GTs back in the 90’s…and those cars were bulletproof. On my first one I was really neglectful of maintenance, and I drove many seasons with a single oil change, no trans/diff fluid changes, etc…with no problems. If I neglected my 911 like that I’d be $10,000-$15,000 into a rebuild right now. A replacement built 302 is about $2000-$2500. I admire my 911 for the handling, styling, and the sound. There are tons of faster cars out there, for sure…but ‘it’s all relative’. 🙂

    It is definitely splitting hairs on the RWB photoshop above though… As I mentoned I have a 911/964…I like the 996 and 993 version a lot too. I definitely like the RWB style on 911’s. This particular image above just didn’t do it for me. If you like it, that’s bad ass.

    Have a good one,

  2. yeah well, can’t say much for your taste. That 996 looks sick. A nice build on the RWB 993 etc. And while you might think Porsche parts are stupid expensive — they actually last 3x’s that of a Mustang on the track… …so I guess the price is all relative my friend.

  3. That being said… I did save for my 911. I’m not wealthy. You can’t typically get a bank loan for such an old car or a signature loan for that much money…so you have no choice on financing it. (unless you’re daft enough to put it on a credit card or something)

    I’ve done all my work myself or saved to get the paint/body mods finished professionally. But with an anticipated (proper) rebuild cost of the engine hovering around $10,000 for a stock rebuild… and things like that. I take a LOT better care of it than I did with my STi, or Mustang roadrace car, or other cool cars/bikes I’ve had in the past. Everything for this car is stupid expensive…sometimes just because of the name.

  4. Looks horrible…. I really like all of the RWB stuff. I have a wide 911 myself. But the 996 (or at least Sibal’s photochop of it) look really bad.

    I hear you on the fad thing. I too hope that it can maintain some semblance of exclusivity. The benefit being…most people that save or have to work for the money to buy even a used 911…are too protective of it to do the RWB look to it. Even if you get some guy that saves, begs, and scrounges the $ together to buy it…he cant afford to fix it when it breaks. (not to mention the RWB treatment costs as much if not more than the original purchase price of an older 996-back Porsche)

    While I don’t think that RWB knock-off 911’s will soon be the replacement for Civic drivers at the In&Out hard-parking session. I think if it does become a ‘thing’…it will come and go with the masses pretty quick.

    Here’s to hoping.