Racing classic Porsches. Chris Harris. Goodwood

Chris races a Porsche 911 belonging to a member of boy band Take That. Time to cram some song titles into the story.


The Goodwood circuit in southern England is something of a haven for fans of historic racing. From the flagship Revival meeting to a range of smaller events, it’s a common sight to see machines of yesteryear batting around and trading paintwork as they were originally intended.

Chris Harris, the internet’s reigning sultan of sideways, landed himself a couple of race seats for the Goodwood 73rd Members Meeting, and to give us all a treat he’s made videos of the experience. His first jaunt was in a 1965 Porsche 911, owned by none other than former Take That star Howard Donald. Could it be magic?

After a disappointing qualifying session, Chris had a little patience and was determined to relight his fire, in the hope of a race that he would never forget. After all, everything changes in motorsport and he wanted to prove that he was back for good.

Check out the video, and enjoy some quality vintage racing action. It only takes a minute, girl.

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