Quadrotor Hoverbike. A revolution in aviation?

The Quadrotor Hoverbike is nearly here. Until it is, you can buy one in drone form!

Quadrotor Hoverbike

I normally get quite upset when people start talking about future modes of transportation. If it isn’t the ridiculous idea of flying cars, then it is the even worse idea of autonomous transportation. These both interest me about as much as a sustained and prolonged barrage of kicks to the scrotum. This, however, is different.

Quadrotor Hoverbike 2

This is a freakin’ awesome Quadrotor Hoverbike and it is a real, although currently only available in third scale. You can help make the fullsize Hoverbike a reality by getting involved and helping Malloy Aeronautics start production. Click HERE for the lowdown on KICKSTARTER.

Source – malloyhoverbike’s channel

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