Prodrift Academy. Preparing for a Guinness World Record

Prodrift Academy and Nissan Middle East prepare for a Guinness World Record-breaking attempt with a Nissan 370Z. Not that they’ll tell us what it is…

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Earlier this week Nissan announced a Guinness World Record-breaking attempt in association with Prodrift Academy in Dubai. Details (officially at least) are still being kept under wraps, but what we do know is that the attempt itself will take place on Sunday December 14, just a few days away. So when we heard a practice session was taking place pretty much on our doorstep, you can’t blame us for being a little curious.

On-hand to ‘not really talk about’ the event were James Deane and Ahmad Daham, both drifting champions and podium dominators in their own right, and our protagonists for December 14th’s record breaking run. From Ireland, 23-year-old Deane is a three-time Irish Drift Champion, and a two-time Drift Allstars champion, which has now joined forces with Nissan Middle East for this record. Indeed, for the opening round of the 2014/2015 Drift UAE season, Deane will be one of the judges. From Jordan meanwhile is Daham, a drift and race champion who was recently crowned King of Drift at the 2014 Red Bull Car Park drift Middle East finals in Dubai. Between them, they’ve racked up an impressive collection of silverware.

The Guinness World Record officials on-hand during the event itself will allow only three trials for the record to be broken: anything more than that and the attempt is rendered invalid for inclusion in the history books. As you can imagine, the cars need to be perfect. So much so that both the drivers and the Prodrift team have been working night and day to make sure each of the 370Zs on-hand are up to the challenge. will be on-hand to wish them all luck in their endeavours.

Y’know, whatever they might be…

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