Postcard from 2013 Dubai Motor Show

Dubai International Motor Show 13-1

The new Zenvo ST1, the production version of which recently shot in Dubai, was a comparatively quiet feature of the second hall despite its monstrous performance capabilities. Boasting 1104hp and 1055lb ft of torque from a supercharged and turbocharged aluminium GM LSX block, the ST1 originally spat out 1500hp before Zenvo was ‘encouraged’ to bring power down to acceptable levels.

Dubai International Motor Show 13-36

Power however took a backseat on the AUH Motorsports stand, which displayed one of its SR3 machines from the Radical Middle East Cup throughout the event. Having extended its reach across the region – from the UAE-based Winter Cup that ran last year – the 2013/2014 Radical Middle East Cup encompasses races in Bahrain and Qatar, with round one taking its traditional season opening race at Yas Marina in Abu Dhabi.

Dubai International Motor Show Part 7-25

There is only one car capable of rounding out our 2013 Dubai Motor Show postcard, however. Kept under wraps for the duration of opening day, tell-tale hints – such as 5000hp, a 1.8-second 0-100kph time, and 560kph top speeds – adorned the surrounding walls at the Expo 2020 stand until the Devel Sixteen was unveiled. The first supercar built in the UAE – with a 16-cylinder engine – is capable of hitting half the speed of sound. Now, forgive us for being a little sceptical – apparently this mystical machine none of us have heard of will outsprint a Hennessey Venom GT – but for now we’ll just assume the Devel is either a stealth fighter concept with one key piece of aerodynamic equipment missing, or it’s a missing extra from Total Recall.

Only in Dubai.


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