Is Porsche Passport the future of sports car ownership?

Porsche is introducing a new subscription service to buyers in the US, giving access to a range of different cars on demand


Always lusted after that dream sports car, but could never decide on which one? Porsche thinks it might have the answer in the shape of a new subscription service called Porsche Passport that’s launching in the United States.

The premise is quite simple. For a monthly payment of $2k, subscribers have access to a range of 8 different Porsche vehicles, such as basic model Macans, Cayennes and 718 variants, all accessed and booked via an app.

For an additional $1k per month, Porsche will grant access to high-end models in the Panamera and 911 model ranges, including hybrid and GTS models. That brings the total to 22 different variants. In addition to the monthly Porsche Passport costs, patrons will need to pay a $500 joining fee and pass a credit check to gain access to the service.


This is not the first premium and sports car subscription service by any means, but it is one of the first times it has been run directly through a major manufacturer. As car companies look for ways to diversify the ownership model, especially as mainstream car clubs and vehicle subscriptions continue to rise in popularity, could this sort of scheme begin to gain traction in the future?

Porsche Passport is still only a pilot program for now, being limited to customers in Atlanta, Georgia. Depending on the success of the system, Porsche is hopeful that it will be able to spread the service into more locations in future. 

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