Porsche Panamera. Saudi Drift. Sort Of

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But is it really drifting? The cynical among us would suggest it’s little more than tail wagging. What do you reckon?

It’s clearly done with considerable aplomb and no small amount of skill, but obviously we don’t condone such behaviour. Keep it on the racetrack, people.

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  1. I completely agree with the bit about keeping this sort of spirited driving on a racetrack and not public roads.

    Noticed something: the car is branded as a Panamera Turbo but it really a base V6. Notice how the one-piece spoiler is not the split-design that is a signature of the GTS/Turbo models, the matte black window frame and the single oval tailpipes indicative of the V6 models. We get a lot of people who add the “S” designation to their base Caymans/911s/Panameras and especially Cayennes. Since when was it embarrassing to drive a base Porsche?

    Shame that people feel the need to add fake suffixes to their cars to look more impressive.

  2. does not beat the kick a** vid from saudi with them M5 and Porsche Gt……… that was the bomb………..