Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge. Walter Lechner. Strength To Strength

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This is an impressive enough feat in its own right. Even in Europe and America – the elite hub of the motorsport community – motor racing series annually fall by the wayside as finances and competitive rivals become weaker and stronger respectively. Outside the global spotlight, motorsport in the Middle East is similarly challenged. Walter though only sees clear skies ahead for the Porsche-backed – and Lechner Racing-run – GT3 Cup Challenge Middle East.

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“I see a very bright future. We’ve just signed a new agreement with Porsche Middle East and Africa to run the series for another three years. We have a very good formula that appeals to drivers, particularly the ‘arrive and drive’ nature of the series which allows competitors to compete at a high, professional level without taking up an enormous amount of their time. That’s very important as most of our drivers have jobs or run companies, and have a limited amount of time to devote to their passion for motorsport.

“The GT3 Cup Challenge will remain attractive because it brings the best out of the drivers. As all the cars are identical, equally well-prepared GT3 Cup cars, the emphasis is on driver skill, with no-one having the advantage of a faster, superior vehicle”.

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It’s unsurprising then – when considering his Lechner Racing School responsibilities as well – that Walter is constantly on the lookout for new talent. The recent success of Al Faisal, plus the series’ regional expansion since its inaugural season (last year the Challenge journeyed to Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Abu Dhabi and Dubai) means attracting new GCC drivers is a key incentive too.

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“We are very open to meeting people interested in joining the series and help them in any way we can. They can test the GT3 Cup car. In November, for example, we’ll be holding a number of track days at the Bahrain International Circuit.

“The series has also been promoted very professionally and the exposure it enjoys makes it stand out and attract the attention of drivers, not just from the Middle East but around the world. This is important to offer open competition and make drivers want to improve themselves. I think I can proudly say that we contributed a lot to increase the general awareness for local racing talents such as Abdulaziz Al Faisal, Khaled Al Qubaisi and Ahmed Al Harthy.”

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