VIDEO. ‘The Bandit Nitro Funny car. 0-100kph in 1sec

This Trans-Am Bandit makes Smokey’s ride look pretty pedestrian.


Aussie drag racer Darren Morgan has a funny car. Not funny ha-ha, but funny as in a custom-made, 4000bhp drag-racing machine. Styled after a Pontiac Trans-Am and named the Bandit, it’ll hit 100kph from standstill in one second and nail a quarter mile in somewhere around 5.7 seconds at speed above 400kph.

How does one build a car like this? Let Darren talk you through it. As he says, it’s about raw horsepower – so much power that then engine components are literally strapped down in case they explode into the crowd. Yeesh.

Prepare for engineering filth.

Source: CarTorque

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