Porsche Classic Service. The Sweet Shop. Freiberg am Neckar

As we continued our walk around through the body shop, mechanical areas and storage facility, it was clear that the team where super busy and knee deep in some pretty special projects.

From Porsche 356 Pre-A’s…

… Porsche 959’s…

…to an exceptionally rare Porsche 993 GT2 being put back to stock following some motorsport modifications placed on it over the years, there was history and special history at that, everywhere.

For a Porsche guy like myself, it was the coolest sweet shop I’d been in, in a long time. Scratch that, it’s not a sweet shop as that’s the job of the museum, this was more a sweet factory. One that we can heartely recommend anyone with the faintest twinge of Porsche fan boy in them, go and check out.

In fact customers are expressly invited to visit the Classic shop while work is being done on their Porsche cars, so that they can jointly assess progress and define the further course of the projects.

Once their pride and joy has been massaged back into, you also get the pleasure of a full photographic deck charting the build along with an engraved plate verifying the fact you just been Porsche Classic’d.



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