VIDEO. Porsche 911 SC on the Nürburgring. Backwards

A Porsche 911 SC under the SO Racing Team banner hits the Nürburgring for a hot lap…in the wrong direction

Apparently anything the Mercedes-AMG GT R and Sport Auto can do, the Porsche 911 SC can do…well, perhaps not better, but most certainly differently. And that’s saying something, given that in the past we’ve seen both a Porsche 911 SC RS and a single seater attempt hot laps at The Green Hell in the snow (the former HERE, the latter HERE)

The above attempt comes courtesy of Stefan Oberdörster and his co-driver Olaf Heupel of the SO Racing Team. Their Martini-liveried Porsche was competing on the 2016 Rally Köln-Ahrweiler, one stage of which – the ‘Feste Nürburg’ – involves driving around the Nürburgring in the wrong direction.

As if it wasn’t difficult enough learning the fast sweeping, 20km of sinuous, undulating tarmac when you’re going the correct way. Jump on-board with Herrs Heupel and Oberdörster – who doesn’t lift off, by the way – to hear some classic flat-six 3-litre twang and see the Nürburgring as you never have before. Maybe.

Oh, and if the sound of supercharged Porka nirvana whets your motoring whistle, you might also want to check out the pride and joy of United Sportscar Championship racer Leh Keen HERE, and /Drive channel’s Matt Farah’s first drive in a ‘Safari 911’ SC HERE

Enjoy this Porsche 911 SC video at the Nürburgring?

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  • Image courtesy of SO Racing Team, Hat tip to Road & Track

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