Porsche 911. Mad Max and RAUH-Welt Together At Last

It’s not often that Mad Max and RAUH-Welt come together in one glorious package, but that’s what Effspot Photography seems to have stumbled across in Los Angeles.


Rather puts you in mind of RAU-Welt Dubai mark II, doesn’t it? Sort of…

This striking 911, with stonking white alloys and rear wing natch, has either – at some point – reversed into a rather aggressively designed shoe shiner and accidentally stumbled across a look that works on the road in California, or the designer was given carte blanche to go a bit mental with the crayons.

Either way, it’s immaterial. Those of us waiting for the new Mad Max film have been wondering what apocalyptic weapons the Road Warrior will have to face on the crumbling asphalt. Your standard fare of blacked out panels and studded tyres, complete with spikes and barred windows, is at the top of the list.

But perhaps one of the crew should take a day trip from Hollywood to LA. How many of you, for example, would want a copy of a movie poster with this potential Toe Cutter on it?

– Shot courtesy of Effspot Photography

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