McLaren MP4-12C. eGarage. Chasing The Sunset

A new film from eGarage and Lost In A Supermarket give us some ideas about what to do with our long term McLaren MP4-12C.  


The problem with having a long-term McLaren MP4-12C is finding the best way to spend the day with it. We’ve been wracking our brains as we’ve been putting the 625hp 3.8-litre twin-turbo V8 through its paces, and I’m sure you are just as concerned as we are.

We soon found inspiration in a new piece from eGarage, who – together with Lost In A Supermarket – took a McLaren for a blast through the canyons of Malibu (turn the volume up at the 58s mark) at the break of dawn, and didn’t stop until the sun started to dip, whereupon they watched the sunset across the Pacific Ocean as the MP4-12C tick itself cool.

Now we’re getting somewhere. All we need are a couple of tickets to California and a few days off work, and we’ll be in business.

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