Porsche 911 GT3 RS receives the Manthey Racing treatment

Porsche’s skunkworks motorsport department, Manthey Racing, has developed the 991.2 Porsche 911 GT3 RS to be even more track focussed than before.


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Porsche’s current 911 GT3 RS, which is close to ending production, has been one of the very best driver’s cars since its inception in 2016, but should you find Weissach’s finest isn’t sharp enough out of the factory, Manthey Racing has developed an upgrade kit to improve its on-track performance further still.

Situated a stone’s throw from the Nurburgring, and 51 percent owned by Porsche since 2013, Manthey might be better known for its on track success with Porsche, but it has always worked away in the background developing performance upgrades from chassis tuning to engine upgrades for the company’s road cars. Now the current GT3 RS has received the same treatment with an upgraded brake package, new suspension and an all new aerodynamics kit, all of which is a further development of the upgrade kit Manthey produced for the GT2 RS in 2019.

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Developed predominantly on track, Manthey offers its adjustable coilover suspension for the GT3 RS derived from its GT3 R racer, allowing you to adjust the setup depending on the circumstances you find yourself in. The brake upgrades compromise of a more aggressive and durable set of pads and braided lines throughout.  

First seen on the GT2 RS MR, a car that set the fastest road car lap time around the Nürburgring in 2018, the aerodynamics package is designed specifically to improve track performance and lap times. Though not a drastic visual change over the standard car, new canards, a new redesigned rear wing and optional rear wheel aero covers have been designed and developed to increase downforce. That new wing creates so much extra downforce in fact, that a reinforced carbon fibre deck had to be created to withstand the increased forces.

Should you have missed out on the Weissach package (unlikely, it appears everyone ordered their GT3 RS with it), Manthey is able to supply Porsche’s glorious Magnesium wheels in a choice of either silver, black, ‘platinum’ silver and gold finish. They do come at a cost however, $20,566 to be precise. Michelin’s most extreme road-legal tyres, the sticky Cup 2Rs can also be supplied.

Manthey Racing’s GT3 RS upgrades are available now, and will set you back $74,705 should you opt for the full package. The suspension alone costs an eye-watering $11,421.

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