Playtime just got real. Danny MacAskill. Imaginate

One man, one bike, some oversized toys, a tank and a Formula 1 car. Danny MacAskill has done it again.

Danny MacAskill - Action

After setting the world of extreme sports alight with his incredible videos (just type his name into YouTube), trials biker extraordinaire Danny MacAskill was handed a massive pile of cash by Red Bull and told to make a cool video. It’s taken months to put together, but after renting a disused events hall and buying a tank, he’s finally created it.

Imaginate features a young Danny messing about with models in his bedroom. But then the stunts in his mind come to life, in a death-defying whirl of pedals and large props.

Trials bikes aren’t crankandpiston’s normal fare, but this is too awesome not to post. And anyway, it’s got an F1 car in it. So it’s relevant. OK?

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