Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. Dropping It…Literally

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Jeremy Foley’s monumental barrel roll at this year’s Pikes Peak International Hill Climb is already the stuff of legend. Coming into a fast right hander high in the mountains, Foley (with co-driver Yuri Kouznetsov onboard) has no way of saving the Mitsubishi Evo VIII as the driver-side tyres scrub across the asphalt, onto the gravel and over the edge. What follows is well over a dozen truly terrifying flips before the mangled wreckage finally comes to rest.

Now while footage of the incident itself is already into multi-thousand views, two new clips have recently been eased onto the internet, allowing you to make your choice: ride in the cabin with both men, or cling to the driver-side rear window to experience the moment. Be sure to check out the onboard commentary before both cameras black out.

And don’t worry guys. Thanks to the roll cage, both Foley and Kouznetsov walked away unscathed.

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