Pagani Anlage Hi-Fi. The Italian Renaissance

Pagani Anlage Hi-Fi sound system: hand built in Italy, a dash of extravagance, and a sodding great price tag…

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Given that this particular sound system – the Anlage – comes with a Pagani badge and is hand built in Italy by the aforementioned Ferrari-bating supercar manufacturer, the price tag is likely to be enormous. And it is, at a whacking €100,000 (around $128,00), so be absolutely sure you don’t want that Jaguar XFR-S before investing.

As well as the cool quad-exhaust design at the base of both 350-watt loudspeakers and the control panel designed to look like the Zonda’s dashboard, the state-of-the-art Anlage Hi-Fi includes a CD player, an LP turntable fashioned from a solid aluminium block (brushed, natch), and casing fashioned from carbon fibre. Throw in a couple of power amplifiers and this system will double up as a surround sound system for a DVD player.

We won’t go through the specific technical details here (we could, but there’s only so much we can read about magnesium tone arms and bi-wiring), but if you’re looking to pick up a Pagani Anlage this afternoon, you’re out of luck. This example of ‘Italian renaissance’ is available by online order only.

Source – Pagani Automobili

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