P1 Brand. God Save Our Tyres, All Ten Of Them

Any Sex Pistols fans in the house? Any Formula One fans here too? If you’re an enthusiast of both, then you might find this art piece of interest.

This ‘God Save Our Tyres’ poster not only pastiches the well-known Sex Pistols graphic ‘God Save The Queen’ graphic by Jamie Reid but is also a tribute to the 2012 British Grand Prix, won is fighting style by Red Bull’s Mark Webber.

Designed using Serigraph techniques – also known as ‘screen printing’, which uses a woven mesh to embed the stenciled pattern – God Save Our Tyres is the first limited edition piece to come from California-based P1 Brand using this technique.

So limited is this design that you’ll only find ten of them worldwide. This doesn’t seem to have affected the asking price though, since each will are available for only $25.

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