Onboard LaFerrari at 343kph

LaFerrari driver hits 213mph (343kph) at Vmax 200 top speed challenge. Step aboard for a passenger ride…


Most of us have wondered what being behind the wheel of the 950bhp LaFerrari – the fastest Ferrari road car ever – would be like, Nürburgring or otherwise. For those of us with severely anorexic bank accounts, it’s just a pipedream. To experience such ferocious power from the passenger seat, however…

One such pertrolhead was made a jolly happy bunny recently when he attended Vmax 200 top speed challenge, an on-track event for supercar/hypercar owners alike to hit the hallowed 200mph mark. As well as seeing one of the most impressive supercar collections on the planet, YouTube user David Yu enjoyed a passenger ride aboard Ferrari’s latest Special Edition Series. Under acceleration that frankly boggles the mind, the LaFerrari hits 213mph (343kph) emitting Maranello’s finest V12 ballad through the exhaust pipes as it does so.

Since a LaFerrari drive seems out of the question, we’ll settle for a Vmax 200 invitation next year. Oh, and one of the prancing horse key rings please…

Source – David Yu

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