Dubai Motor Show 2011. Pick of the Treats

Okay, okay, we know the Dubai Motor Show isn’t actually on for another week. But word is getting out about what’ll be there to gawp at, and here are the machines we’re most looking forward to seeing in the metal. First up, the Audi Quattro concept, a homage to the awesome originator of rally-derived four-wheel drive road cars.

We love us an Aston Martin, and when it’s got a V12 engine and been sketched out by Zagato, we like it even more. We also like simple names, so calling it the V12 Zagato gets a thumbs up from us.

According to the local PR people for Toyota’s dealerships, we should be getting the production version of the FT-86 concept in the Middle East in 2012. But until the, the latest version of the concept should be enough to salivate over while you dream of a new, rear wheel drive version of the Celica.

Honestly, we’ve lost track of the number of Lamborghini Gallardos released in the past few years, but we know that this one – the Super Testosteroni – is the most hardcore one yet. We can’t wait to see it, and only 150 will be made. What? Oh right. It’s called the Super Trofeo Stradale, apparently.

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