Old Style Spirit. M-design. Night of the Living Dead

M-design takes us for a look around O.S.S, Old Style Spirit. One too many horror films means we have a slightly different interpretation.


It’s amazing what effect watching a zombie film through half closed eyes and after a week that has destroyed the most cognitive parts of one’s brain can have on other subject matters.

Take for instance M-design’s vignette to O.S.S.Old Style Spirit – a France-based classic restoration workshop. Kicking off with the rusted remains of a Jaguar E-Type – a restored version of which can be seen in the video’s conclusion – has a certain Night of the Motoring Dead motif about it. Meanwhile, a score both creepy and atmospheric could have been pulled straight from Dawn of the Dead. Throw in an abandoned workshop oddly reminiscent to the deserted hospital in 28 Days Later and we have a ghoulish production likely to please George A. Romero and missing only the voice of Vincent Price.

On the other hand, this could just be a strong hint that I need to lay off the horror films.

Source – M-design

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