Retro Car Show. UK. Tweaking An Interest

Even though crankandpiston’s own Phil McGovern has disappeared for some much needed R&R in the UK, anybody who knows the boy won’t be too surprised to learn it didn’t take too long for the automotive nostrils to start flaring.

And sure enough, it wasn’t long before we received news of the 2012 Warwick Retro Car Show. The rules for aforementioned concourse were simple: nothing built after the 1980s and be sure to leave cars stationery for at least four hours.

Now regrettably this was one of the rare occasions when the crankandpiston cameras were nowhere to be seen. We thought about simply dusting the event under the rug as a missed opportunity, but then had a quick scout at the automotive exhibits to hand: a Volkswagen Beetle (hold on) with a 300hp Subaru Impreza turbo engine in the back; a Triumph TR7; the always popular Jaguar E-Type; a Toyota Sera (“beg pardon?”) with gullwing doors (“oh!”); a Vortex GT3 kitcar; and an Alfa Romeo Spyder.

We thought one or two of those might tweak some interest…

– Shots courtesy of Richard Aucock

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