Nissan Rogue Warrior. Wait, what…?

Nisan Rogue Warrior prototype swaps wheels for snow tracks and takes a stab at ski slope in Quebec, Canada

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We’re aware that we’re referring to the same company that brought us the seriously mental Juke-R and the lunatic Nismo GT-R, but is this the most batshit thing we’ve ever seen from Nissan?

It’s called the Rogue Warrior, an extreme all-wheel drive prototype – based on the Rogue crossover – designed specifically for the harsh Canadian winter. Rather specific, we’ll grant you, but we’ll gloss past that….

Said prototype drops its tyres in place of snow tracks, capable of ploughing through 40cm of snow (about 1.5 feet) and climbing 30-degree inclines, demonstrated in the below video by 2015 Nissan Micra Cup Champion Olivier Bédard at a ski resort in north Quebec. Speeds, rather terrifyingly, can apparently reach 100kph on tracks measuring 15in wide and 30in tall.

A production model? Don’t bank on it, but interested parties can check it out in the incredibly large metal at this year’s Montreal International Auto Show. We’d also like to see how this would fare against either a 900bhp Pro4 racing truck or an Formula 1 car clad with snow chains

Source – nissancanada

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