NISMO Nissan Patrol makes global debut in UAE

Nismo makes Middle East debut as the new Nismo Nissan Patrol takes its global bow

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The United Arab Emirates played host to two debuts this evening – one regional, one global – as Nissan’s Nismo performance arm was introduced to the region and the Nismo Patrol made its first global appearance.

With secrecy at a high ahead of the event (much to the frustration of Nissan fans, grouchy media reps and a presumably exhausted press team alike), the Nismo regional unveil showcased not only the new Nismo Patrol but also performance versions of both the GT-R and 370Z, both strong sellers in the Middle East for Nissan. Given the company’s already established reputation in the region and since ‘off-roading and motorsports are the life-blood of local driving enthusiasts’, the company’s formal introduction to the Middle East comes 31 years after Nismo’s foundation in 1984 and just over a month ahead of November’s Dubai Motor Show. Funny that…

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Details on the company’s plans for its regional future though have again been kept to a minimum, focus at the event instead on ‘motorsports-inspired aerodynamics and styling’, and – of course – the Patrol itself. The ‘race-inspired’ version of the Patrol houses the model’s established 5.5-litre V8 which now kicks out 428hp – a 28hp improvement – and an as-of-yet unspecified torque output effective across 70 per cent of the rev range. Other performance upgrades include a Takumi engine tune, rejigged suspension and sport-tuned power steering, 22in RAYS forged alloys, and a Zero-Lift aerodynamic body kit. And a crapload of Nismo badges, we assume. Said upgrades don’t elevate the Patrol to the ‘high-performance SUV’ segment but the new look is nevertheless a striking one. We can’t wait to be tailgated by one…

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The Nismo GT-R meanwhile produces a stonking 600hp for a top speed of 300kph, while the 370Z spec features a Nismo-spec bodykit, and returned suspension alongside other updates.

Makes the Nissan test drive announced for tomorrow, though again shrouded in mystery, all the more intriguing, doesn’t it? We’ll let you know how we get on.

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