All-new Mercedes CLS teased before LA motor show debut

Mercedes has released two teaser images of the upcoming CLS Coupe due to be revealed in full next month

Mercedes-Benz has revealed two new teaser shots of its third generation CLS four-door coupe. Like its predecessors, the CLS is heavily based on the similarly sized E-class, but features a lower, sleeker roofline and more assertive styling.

The first picture released by Mercedes is a frontal shot revealing the new car’s nose and daytime running lights. In a move away from the design language of Merc’s current saloons, the CLS is the first application of the new down-turned grille on a mainstream model. The feature has already been seen on multiple recent concept cars and used on the AMG GT sports car. 

The second CLS teaser image is of the interior, showing the same sweeping glass screen and dash layout as on the E-class. Unlike the two previous models, the cabin of the new CLS appears mostly unchanged from the E-class it’s derived from. Only the afterburner-style air vents, also present on the E-class coupe and cabriolet, provide any distinction. 

The new CLS is set to feature high-specification drivetrain options from the E-class and S-class saloons, engines will include a variety of four and new inline-six petrol and diesel units. Petrol 6-cylinder variants will also offer a new 48V mild-hybrid electrical system, utilising an integrated starter-alternator to deliver an extra boost of electric power.

V8s will likely only be available in AMG form, but the CLS is also expected to introduce a new hybridised AMG variant to sit below the full-fat CLS 63 model, utilising an inline-six petrol engine assisted by an electric motor. 

The production car will be shown at the LA motor show, with cars reaching customers by the summer of 2018. Pitched against the all-new Audi A7, the CLS no longer has this part of the market to itself like the original did, so will have to offer more than just attractive sheet metal to appeal to well-heeled buyers.

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