New Ferrari Monza SP1 and SP2 first of new ‘Icona’ special-series

Ferrari to offer range of limited series cars to collectors and special clients

Aston Martin has its continuation models, Porsche has Singer (kind of) and now Ferrari has Icona, its new concept for limited-edition series cars that trade on the company’s rich heritage. The first fruits of this project are these two: the Monza SP1 and SP2.

The two Monza models pay homage to the original Ferrari Barchetta, the 1947 166 MM, and the 750 and 860 Monza models that contested the gruelling Millie Miglia and the World Sports Car Championship.

Built on a new aluminium chassis derived from the 812 Superfast, the pair of Monza models are then clothed in a Kevlar and carbonfibre body that utilises the same production techniques employed by the company’s Formula 1 team. Clients and customers are then invited to select their desired configuration – either the conventional two-seater or the more driver-focussed single seater derivative.

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