New British coachbuilder Caton to debut reimagination of ‘50s sports car icon

A new motoring icon is about to be given the high-end coachbuild treatment by Caton

New British coachbuilder Caton has revealed first details of an upcoming project to reimagine a 1950’s sports car icon. Set up in a strategic partnership with Envision – a company that supports engineering and manufacturing of projects for various large-scale OEMs – Caton will leverage its expertise in its first customer project.

This project will be based on an original example and feature a range of bespoke design elements inside and out that maintain the feel of the original, but bring it up to date. The specific car it’ll be based on has not yet been announced, but those who are particularly well versed with mid-century British sports cars might be able to guess from the teaser image. 

What’s also revealed in the teaser are the first elements that define this project, such as a distinctive new frameless windscreen that integrates a wraparound effect through the use of free-standing frameless quarter glass on the front doors. The silhouette suggests it’s most certainly traditional in terms of its basic proportions, with a long bonnet and cabin pushed right back against the rear axle. 

What Caton says it’ll do differently is really focus on the execution, using contemporary manufacturing techniques in combination with traditional methods to tighten up elements that might have been compromised in the original design. 

Tim Strafford, CEO of Caton’s strategic vehicle building partner, Envisage Group, said: ‘Caton will stand on its own, as a specialist brand, inspired by precision engineering. It will offer ultra-exclusive, highly-aspirational British-designed products within the automotive sector and beyond. This exciting new brand will demonstrate what is possible when design and technical development are pushed to the highest possible levels with exceptional luxury creations.’

The new coachbuild program will be shown off at this year’s Salon Prive London, and other motoring events taking place over the British summer.

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