NASCAR. 60 Seconds of Goodness

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As a major hat tip towards my arrival in the good ole USA, I thought what better than throwing a bit of NASCAR your way.

I’ve been a massive fan of this bonkers sport for as long as I care to remember. Big, old, leviathans going bumper to bumper at speeds in excess of 200mph surmounts to what is basically mortal combat.

As apposed to the rest of the western world, racing in the US and specifically NASCAR is all about the show. These bad boys have little if any in the way of aero assistance, a truck load of mechanical grip and big block V8’s pumping out 800hp++ at the heady heights of 9000rpm! All that with a restrictor plate to chill them out a little don’t forget. Now throw in a massive grid of drivers, incredible cars and a show that is centred around the crowd and you get what I’m saying.

Now, thanks to Guillermo Lecuona, we can bring you this awe inspiring 60 seconds piece charting the start of the 2010 season.

So sit back and soak up the vibe…then just think about them pitching into corners at 200mph, bouncing off each other and sounding like a choir full of monsters! You want to go don’t you??

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