Muscle cars. eGarage. Keeping the passion alive

eGarage takes a look a ferocious collection of muscle cars in The Zoo.


Last time out on eGarage we took a tour of The Viper’s Nest, and its sparkling collection of 65 Dodge Vipers. In its latest instalment, the emphasis is still on big muscle and raw power, with ‘The Zoo’ holding dozens of muscle car examples.

Follow Brian Styles through this amazing collection and one word keeps cropping up: ‘passion’. Each car – be it a GTO, an AC Cobra or a 1960s Corvette – has a story, regaled happily by both Brian and girlfriend Samantha. It is this passion that keeps the couple hunting for the next addition to their collection. It’s a passion that means they’re not even close to closing the doors on The Zoo just yet.

Source – eGarage

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