Mosler GT600 // UAE GT’s next Champion?

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UAE GT regular and seasoned racer, Rafael Unzurrunzaga, has just taken delivery of his mighty and mildly sexy looking Mosler Super GT600! The car, that will race under the Blue Jumeirah Team Banner at Estoril this weekend in the Spanish GT, will surely (read: hopefully) make it’s way to Dubai for the opening round of the new UAE National GT Championship.

There is one potential hurdle in the way for Rafael though, as this car is a first for Mosler in that it is based on a space frame (could be a problem with the regs)… However, not only the is the chassis new, the car features what is basically a stock Chevrolet 7 litre LS7 engine which should be great for reliability.  All of those goodies (read the spec below) are then wrapped up in the bodywork of the companies Super GT Championship car that ran in the GT300 class. The engine churns out 600 bhp, as opposed to the 300 bhp Japanese car, hence the name change to GT600.

It is surely to be a monster and to say we are a touch envious is an understatement!


Mosler SuperGT 600 Spaceframe Chassis and Carbon Bodywork
Mosler Front and Side crash safety structures
FIA Homologated Roll Cage
Chevrolet LS7 600 bhp
Avid Dry Sump system
Peter Knight Inlet system
Goode Fabrications Exhaust Manifolds
BTB Silencers
Hewland Engineering LWS Sequential Gearbox
Shiftec Paddleshift
Motec ADL Dash , M800 ECU and PDM
OBR switch panel
Kartek Master Switch
St. Cross Wiring Loom
Bosch Motorsport ABS system
Dynamic Suspensions DSSV 4 way Shock Absorbers
Performance Mu Brake Pads
Alcon Calipers
DC Electronics Power Steering
Braid Wheels
ATL 120 litre fuel cell and fuel system
Tillet FIA approved Race seat
Lifeline Fire Extinguisher
Earls Superflex oil and brake lines
Aero by TotalSim
Reverie Rear Wing
Specialist Carbon work by KRM

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  1. If it’s GT3 homologated I don’t think it matters.

    If it isn’t GT3 homologated you can bet that the other teams will whine and protest right, left and centre to keep it off the track at all costs, even if it’s not running for points.

    Just like they did when the Ferrari wanted to run un-scored not so long back but was protested out on the grounds that other people had spent a whole ton of money and didn’t want to look bad.

  2. Isn’t his Megane a space frame chassis? If Mosler register the model as a GT3 or GT4 spec then he would be able race it wouldn’t he?