Mitsubishi Evo. Guido Tschugg. White Out

Ghost Bikes pro rider Guido Tschugg points a Mistubishi Evo sideways on the snow and smiles for the overhead drone. 


We’re starting to think we might be overcooking the drifting in snow videos, given the recent wave of clips from Jaroslav Bergl Productions and the Ferdinand Ice Festival, plus our various trips to Scandinavia to hoon Volkswagen Golfs and several Bentley Continentals at the surrounding landscape.

Saying that, we hope we’ll be forgiven for the latest instalment from Guido Tschugg, Red Bull athlete and mountain bike specialist, since not only does he have a specced Mitsubishi Evo at the behest of his right foot, he also has a lone of a video drone taking overhead shots.

About time we rustled up a drone, a rear-wheel hooner and a stretch of desert for donuting.

Source – Mario Feil

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