Ferrari 328 GTS. Porsche 914-6. Petrolicious. The Hunter

Joe Frazar, ‘The Hunter’, walks Petrolicious through his collection of mid-seventies Ferraris and Porsches, and hints that there’s still more to come.


Six shelves, lined bumper-to-bumper, of 1/18 –scale diecast cars should give you an idea how much of an enthusiast Joe Frazar really is. And though his collection is enough to bowl any petrolhead over with envy, it is only the beginning of a very special garage. And yes, there’s quite a few in there too.

Headlining the full-size collection (flanked as it is by a couple of historic 24 Hours of Le Mans posters) is a 1987 Ferrari Mondial, a 1989 Ferrari 328 GTS, and a couple of mid-1970s Porsche 914s. And these are just some of a collection that seems to grow with each passing year.

Speaking with Petrolicious, Joe traces his passion back to a book, Supercars of the Seventies, he read as a child, and explains why he hasn’t looked back since.

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