Mike Luck. Cityscape. Luck-y In The Sky With Diamonds

Mike Luck takes you on a journey through a retro-future landscape. Possibly on mushrooms.

We’ll admit, when we first watched Mike Luck’s Cityscape video in the crankandpiston office, a few of us did stare with suspicion into our coffee mugs and suspect foul play. It’s not often after all that  you watch a car video that’s a cross between The Lawnmower Man and Mario Kart 64, and even rarer do you watch said video without suspecting you’ve been doped.

Take a deep breath and watch the video again though, and there is something pretty intriguing about the whole thing. Dig deep, and admit it: who wouldn’t fancy a morning drive through a retro-future desert landscape (complete with Hot Wheels loops) with, what sounds like anyway, a pretty stonking V8?

Be warned, those of you who suffer from epilepsy or a distinct lack of humour should probably err on the side of caution.

Source – maxmana

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