Mercedes to build more V12 engines

Mercedes-Benz’ performance arm AMG is set to build more of its V12 lumps.

Mercedes to build more V12 engines

Due to strong demand for its high-performance automobiles, MercedesAMG is to start the assembly of its 12-cylinder engines in a new location at Daimler’s site in Mannheim.

Production of the V12 currently takes place in Affalterbach but after the move to Mannheim, production of V8 engines will be expanded in the space freed.

The Mannheim site is set to be renovated, with a separate assembly line being set up for the production of the V12 engines.

Assembly of the V12 biturbo engines at the Mannheim site will start in February 2016.

The 12-cylinder engines are used in the high-performance Mercedes-AMG S65, S65 Coupé, G65 and SL65 and are assembled by one mechanic only.

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