McLaren P1. Debuts In Dubai, UAE. FINALLY!

Following its unveil in Bahrain, McLaren’s new P1 supercar is officially launched in Dubai, UAE. And crankandpiston managed to wangle some alone time with it.

The eagle-eyed amongst you have probably noted a repeat offender on crankandpiston: one model in particular that has been popping its beautifully formed nose onto our radars with greater frequency in the last few weeks, and one which we have been waiting quite some time to see in the flesh.

Those of you now thinking ‘Hyundai Santa-Fe’, please make your way to the back of the class.

Yesterday marked the launch of McLaren’s new P1 in Dubai, or the design study at any rate. Even with some elbow nudging and the promise of free cake, we still could not wrench any formal performance specs from McLaren Guru, Chris Goodwin, ahead of the supercar’s official launch at the Geneva Motor Show. Sadly he couldn’t confirm the rumours of 963bhp combined with KERS or the McLaren F1 baiting top speed numbers floating around.

The team though was kind enough to allow us some quiet time with the P1, a mere 30 minutes before the covers were due to be whipped off at the official event. How could we turn such a generous offer down?


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