Enjuku Racing RX-7. Behind The Scenes

Beard Life offers a behind the scenes look during the shoot of a Enjuku Racing RX-7.

We’re not 100% if the Harlem Shake is likely to replace Gangnam Style anytime soon. But if a group of bearded petrolheads gyrating to whatever the hell that is in the background whilst being slowly asphyxiated by tyre smoke is your kind of thing, then you can fill your boots HERE.

We though were more interested in the machine these gentlemen were busy having miniature seizures around: a Mazda RX-7 complete with Enjuku Racing bodykit and screaming V8.

Oh, and just FYI, the track is Sweet by Common. Our recommendation? Mute.

Be warned, strong language from the outset.

Source – Skylar Smith

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