McLaren GT pumped to 697bhp by Novitec

German tuner Novitec has worked its magic on the McLaren GT, adding more power and carbonfibre trim


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A mid-mounted flat-plane crank V8, dihedral doors and a carbonfibre monocoque aren’t the ingredients of a typical grand tourer. Now, to confuse matters further, Novitec has enhanced the performance, lowered the ride height and added more carbonfibre to the McLaren GT…

In standard form the GT’s twin-turbocharged 4-litre V8 produces 611bhp and 465lb ft of torque, but Novitec is able to improve upon this with its N-Tronic ECU module. It’s available in three different states of tune, with the top-of-the-range Stage 2 version altering mapping for injection, ignition and boost pressure for outputs of 697bhp and 527lb ft – healthy increases of 86bhp and 62lb ft over standard. To help the engine breathe, the module is accompanied by an uprated stainless steel exhaust system complete with less restrictive catalytic converters. 

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As you’d imagine, performance sees an improvement as a consequence, reducing the 0-100kph sprint by a tenth to 3 seconds flat, and raising the top speed by 6kph to 207. Novitec also claims that its tune improves throttle response and torque delivery, making for a more enjoyable driving experience.

Of course, a Novitec product wouldn’t be complete without some visual modifications, and so the company has developed a number of carbonfibre additions. Developed in a wind tunnel to ensure desirable aerodynamic performance, the new two-piece front bumper features a larger splitter for improved high speed stability. The intakes at both the front and rear also receive carbonfibre surrounds for enhanced looks and cooling performance, while redesigned side sills making for a lower, more aggressive stance. Perhaps the most obvious addition is the three-piece rear spoiler, lifting the appearance of the rear for a more pronounced wedge, whilst also increasing downforce. 

The result of a collaboration with American wheel manufacturer Vossen, new forged wheels are also available, measuring 20in at the front and 21in at the rear. These can be had in almost any colour and finish, from bold gloss Flamingo Pink to matt Stealth Grey.

Other items on the menu are a less restrictive, thermally insulated 100-cell sports catalytic converter, sports springs to lift those wheels 25mm further into the arches and, of course, complete reupholstering of the cabin, with Novitec offerinng virtually any colour of Alcantara and/or leather that one could imagine.

No prices for the upgrades have been disclosed. However, a standard McLaren GT will set you back from $213,000.

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