Lunaz reveals electric restomod Aston Martin DB6

Another electrified classic has joined Lunaz’s range, this time an Aston Martin DB6

Mr Bond’s latest flick seems to be doing the rounds right about now, so what better time than to reveal a new electrification program for something close to his beloved Aston Martin DB5 (a DB6 in this case). Lunaz, a Silverstone-based company that already specialises in the electrification of classic cars, has revealed its latest project transforming the lesser known but similarly styled Aston Martin DB6 into its latest all-electric classic. 

Unlike similar restomod projects, Lunaz doesn’t intend on overtly changing the original’s aesthetic, instead creating a model that’s all-but identical to the standard car, save for a lack of exhaust pipes and visible mechanicals under the hand-formed body.

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These cars are not remanufacturerd, either, rather originals that are re-engineered to fit Lunaz’s bespoke electrical internals. Unlike some companies, these changes are not reversible, meaning the original’s combustion powertrains are able to be kept, but not reinstalled without substantial re-manufacturing. 

The electric motor and battery pack are developed in-house according to Lunaz, designed specifically for an application in classic cars and designed to fit in and around the DB6’s underlying chassis and bodywork. Battery capacity has not been confirmed as yet, but Lunaz’s current electrification projects such as the original Range Rover and Bentley Continental have seen capacities of between 80-120kWh – making it comparable to many modern long-range EVs. 

Lunaz is projecting a target range of around 410 kilometers, with the ability to fast-charge through a CCS network, although specific charging speeds are also yet to be confirmed, so too final power, torque and performance figures. 

Other elements of the chassis and drivetrain have been upgraded to suit, with new brakes, suspension, air conditioning and interior multimedia all to be upgraded as part of the development program. 

For owners keen to apply this electrification program to other, more classically desirable Aston Martins like the DB4 and DB5, Lunaz will happily apply similar changes, however how keen buyers are for a non-reversible electrification package on something with so much historical precedence (not to mention value) remains to be seen. 

Prices for the electrified Aston Martin DB6 start at $1 million USD including the cost of the donor vehicle, although final costs will vary depending on customer specification.

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