Live2Race T-Shirts. Dodge Charger. A Valentine’s Choice

If you’re a fan of American muscle car emblems on your t-shirts, then live2race has got you covered.

So Valentine’s Day was yesterday…oh, you mean you didn’t know? And you were wondering why your girlfriend was being so frosty last night? Uh oh!

Fear not, there’s still time to make amends, especially if the aforementioned paramour has a thing for American muscle cars.

crankandpiston has been shopping recently and stumbled across, on which we found a tribute to the 1971 Dodge Charger. The garment portrays the charismatic boxy rear end of the car, infamous to have been made less aerodynamic due to its ‘sunken in’ rear window, not to mention the gaping mouth creating hideous amounts of drag.

But if your girlfriend is a fan of Bullitt, then you’re probably good. 1968 Hollywood movie, ’71 Dodge Charger versus green Mustang Fastback with Steve McQueen behind the wheel on the streets of San Francisco in one of the most memorable car chases in history. Priceless!

With engine choice of up to a massive 7.2-litres bearing 375hp, the t-shirt is a less ear-deafening way of letting people know about your love for the old-school Dodge Charger.

Of course, if the girlfriend is not a fan of American muscle, then you may want to get yourself to the flower stand ASAP before she wakes up.

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