Lexus LX 570. Farewell. The Management Fleet bids farewell to the long term Lexus LX 570, equipment lugger, commute cruiser, and – following a phone call from Lexus – sold prematurely.

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The big Lexus has been earning its crust over this last month and been in high demand with the various members of the crankandpiston team. Utilised for its troop carrying ability, lugging equipment around or having a photographer – normally myself or Arun – hanging out the back for its trusted role as a camera car, the Lexus LX 570 has certainly been kept busy.

Considering that it is hardly the most ‘sporting’ of vehicles on The Management Fleet, it nevertheless has stirred a few tense moments when it comes to which member of the team gets to drive it home. The comfort factor of the Lexus is matched only by its ‘get outta my way’ road presence enabling a stress free cruise back to the homestead after a hard days graft.

Yes, the Lexus LX 570 has been in demand and therein lies its damnable fault. It has been kept so busy – or just plain stolen by the other members of the team – so often that my big fancy idea of packing a load of supplies, pointing its mass towards the mountains and disappearing for a few days on a jolly excursion hasn’t been possible.

And now, that dream has totally crumbled thanks to a phone call from Lexus. The LX 570 is in such demand that they have only gone and sold it. Obviously some customer waved enough Dirhams under their noses and made an offer Lexus couldn’t refuse.

As such, this is a premature end-of-term report for our not-as-long-as-expected fast fleet long-termer. Our temporary custodianship of this luxury ship of the desert has been cut short. Our dream of adventure has been dashed. Our loss is inconsolable.

Lexus LX 570
Engine: V8 / 5663cc
Power: 383hp @ 5600rpm
Torque: 403lb ft @ 3200rpm
Transmission: Six-speed automatic transmission
Front suspension: Double wishbone / electro-hydraulic suspension / Active Height Control (AHC)
Rear suspension: Multi-link with solid axle / electro-hydraulic suspension / Active Height Control (AHC)
Weight (kerb) 2719kg
0-100kph: 7sec
Top speed: 220kph

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