LEGO Ferrari F40. So. Much. WANT

Dammit LEGO *opens wallet*

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And there we thought that LEGO couldn’t possibly produce anything else we wanted, given that our respective collections already include Caterhams, LaFerrari, a full scale Formula 1 Ferrari, and a ’74 Porsche 911 Carrera RSR Turbo. Now we’re furiously fishing through our wallets for $90 for this 1158-piece masterpiece.

Designed by Michael Psiaki (and there’s a ‘how to’ video below if you’re keen to get your Creator series addition right), it’s not just because this is a Ferrari F40 – the last supercar signed off by Il Commendator himself – that’s getting us hot and bothered. It’s the level of detail that’s gone into the build. The front clamshell and doors open for instance, as does the vented tailgate (complete with strut), and the headlights pop-up. Even the twin-turbo V8 is quick release for a closer look at 478 brick horsepower.

Available from August 1. Add to shopping cart, proceed to checkout

*Source: LEGO

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