LEGO 4AGE, RB26DETT and BOXER Engines.

Lego 4AGE, RB26DETT and Boxer engines made by the mechanically savvy Solde

Lego Solde 4AGE

I had a major fixation on Lego as a child. I would buy the kits, follow the instructions and build the set just as Ole Kirk Christiansen had intended me to. I would stare at my creation for a few moments – with an enormous sense of self-achievement and pride – before deconstructing it and adding the individual parts to my brimming bucket of building blocks and assorted Lego mechanical items. Then the real work could begin. Building my own inventions.

Lego is all about creativity and imagination. Thanks to the technical components, it is also a gateway into understanding how mechanical elements interact. Some of the fundamentals of motor vehicle technology can be learnt from ‘playing’ with Lego which can then develop into real world skills and tampering with engines.

But what if you were already mechanically savvy and decided to turn your technical expertise towards Lego? Well, that would clearly be awesome.

Source – Lego Solde

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