Land Rover creates the invisible car. No, really

Well, sort of. Land Rover’s about to drop a snazzy new technology that lets you “see” through the front of your car.


No, this isn’t a late April Fool’s joke – this is the future. Land Rover is preparing to debut a new off-road technology that lets you “see through” the bonnet of your new car to keep an eye on terrain under the car.

The Transparent Bonnet tech, due to be launched on the Discovery Vision Concept car at the New York Motor Show this month, uses cameras in the vehicle grille to capture images of the terrain and then projects them using a head-up display system, so it appears that the bonnet is see-through. Pretty sweet, huh?

The feature will mean drivers tacking tricky terrain will be able to see not only the details of ground underneath the car but also the direction of the wheels. It’ll be useful when traversing treacherous off-road areas, but also for tight parking spaces.

The Discovery Vision Concept is expected to give us a hint of what the next generation of Land Rover Discovery will be like. The New York Motor Show starts on April 16.

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