Koenigsegg Regera to star at New York Motor Show

The all-new Koenigsegg Regera is set to make its American debut at this year’s New York motor show.

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Koenigsegg is set to showcase the all-new Regera for the first time in America at the upcoming New York Motor Show. The 1500bhp Bugatti-killing hybrid Regera features a direct drive system, meaning no gearbox, and uses the power from three electric motors to combine with a single final drive to drive the rear wheels.

The Swedish manufacturer is also bringing the One:1 along to the show, at the end of the month. The car weighs in at 1360kg and has 1360bhp of boost. This resulted in it famously being branded the One:1, reminiscent of its power to weight ratio. This model is the only one of its kind in the US, as just seven units were built.

The New York Motor Show opens its doors on March 23 and will run until to April 3.

Technical specifications available on page 2

Source – Koenigsegg Sweden

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