Jaguar XJ220. Is that how you drive it?

Jaguar XJ220 spotted. In Dubai. On a truck. For shame!

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So, you’ve managed to wangle yourself one of the most exclusive and desirable supercars to ever roll off the production line. You’ve figured out the bountiful sounds of a 3.5-litre V6, the face-ripping power of 500-plus horsepower, the feeling of running at 320kph, and 0-100kph in 3.2s are all for you. And you decide that the best way to deliver your Jaguar XJ220 across Dubai – the world’s safe space for supercar owners and car spotters alike – is via low loader.

We’ve scratched our heads for hours at crankandpiston and surmised that there can only be five reasons for this:

–       this is actually an incredibly detailed bodykit dressed atop a Nissan Micra, which rather knackers the soundtrack

–       you are actually 16 years old and have one hell of a birthday present coming your way

–       there is no engine in this car, the turbocharged V6  having shrivelled your nuts to the point you’ve called it quits

–       500-plus horsepower is all well and good if you remember to fill up the tank

–       “what’s that plume of black smoke coming from the brake discs?…..oh….”

We’re hoping our jealousy hasn’t come across too obviously.

– Our thanks to Rafik Jabbour

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