Jaguar set to develop SUV family

Jaguar is set to develop a whole new SUV range following the introduction of its F-PACE model next year, according to Autocar.

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The British manufacturer’s upcoming mid-size SUV will be the first to be revealed from the range, with the model sparking a whole new range of SUV variants.

Company insiders told the publication: “Don’t think in terms of one more SUV – think a family of SUVs.”

The family will see coupe like aesthetics, in-keeping with the Jaguar’s sporting nature and poise. Due to these plans, a model larger than the F-PACE is not thought to be in the pipeline. A seven-seat, long-wheelbase SUV was speculated, but company insiders let on that the brand’s performance plans will make a larger model than the F-Pace, doubtful.

The F-PACE can be seen at next month’s Frankfurt Motor Show, ahead of going on sale, next year.

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