Jägerbomb. BMW E30 M3. Box One Collective

A 500hp, replica #39 Jägermeister BMW E30 M3 from CG Motorsports with supercharged S52 power.

Jägermeister BMW E30 M3

1). Mario Ketterer’s Jägermeister E30 BMW M3 is easily one of the most recognisable DTM cars of the 1980s.

2). A Jägerbomb is a cocktail consisting of a shot glass of Jägermeister dropped into a glass of energy drink that will rapidly knock your socks off.

3). Box One Collective is a bunch of dudes that make mighty fine automotive films.

This is a mighty fine short film that will knock your socks off featuring a replica of Mario Ketterer’s #39 Jägermeister DTM racer pushing out 500hp thanks to a supercharged S52. This is Jägerbomb M3 from Box One Collective.

Source – Box One

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