1975 Corolla. V8 + Supercharger. The Smoking Tire

A homebuilt 1975 Toyota Corolla packing Lexus V8 muscle and a supercharger.

1975 Toyota Corolla

Mark Still’s 1975 Toyota Corolla epitomises the ‘built not bought’ philosophy of car culture. It’s even more impressive as Mark, despite being a practical sort of chap with fabrication skills aplenty, didn’t really have much experience as a car builder. What he did have was a love of old Corollas and so he started there, with a 1975 example, and ended up here, with a wide arched supercharged V8.

Homebuilt cars, as a form of automotive self-expression, tend to bring out the lovers and haters in equal measure. It really shouldn’t matter what side of that flipped coin you’re on if you can truly appreciate the dedication and skill required to see a project through from inception to completion. This is the Corolla that Mark Still’s built. Himself. That earns our respect every time.

Source – TheSmokingTire

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