Impound, 23 points and 2,000 Dhs fine if caught doing the “Kiki challenge”.

Planning on dancing outside of a moving car and offending human intelligence? Well, you’ll have to pay for it. Big.


The “Kiki challenge” is a social media challenge, where people step out of a moving car at rolling speed and dancing to Drake’s new song “In My Feelings”, which the driver (And sometimes passenger) grabs a video of them doing that. Yes, a moving car. 

Anyways, thank god for quick actions by the government to put a stop to this trend by arresting and fining whoever gets caught doing that, both in real life or even when posting on social media, as this supports the reckless act and encourages others to imitate and do it. While this challenge came out in the US by social media comedian Shiggy, it did travel all around the world, making Drake’s song hit #1 in music billboards all over the world.

The tweet above was published by AD government, but all other emirates in the UAE are aware of the trend and are acting aggressively against it. Lt Col Saeed Obaid Bin Eran, Director of Traffic and Patrols Department at Umm Al Quwain Police, said that carrying out the dance can lead to a Dh2,000 fine, 23 black points and the vehicle impounded for 60 days.

While Col Saeed Bin Aran, head of traffic and patrols at Um Al Quwain police, warned motorists against driving their vehicles in a “Kiki” manner that can endanger their lives and the lives of others.

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