Import Bible Series 8. Time for summer

Another season, another t-shirt range, another leggy model from Import Bible.

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Fresh from its recent competition run on, Import Bible – and company founder David Nguyen – are back with Series 8, just in time for summer. And while the addition of newgirl Erica Nagashima may be the most eye-catching (don’t judge me…), Import Bible has undergone a few subtle changes.

Whereas before – and we’re harking way back to 2012 when we first brought you news on the Import Bible team – the t-shirts paid homage to specific cars and automotive legends, now the focus is more about driving and the petrolhead community at large.

Import Bible Series 8-09

Take the Grease Monkey, for instance, a cheeky black option that pays tribute to the hours lost thinkering in the garage. Or, as guest contributor Barry Hope explained, the garden shed.

Import Bible Series 8-03

Then there’s the traditional nod to the tuning scene, so we can only assume that UAE petrolheads will be forking over their hard-earned reddies for Keep It 100. And paying homage to the golden rule of motor shows, one we generally ignored at last year’s Dubai Motor Show: ‘Don’t Touch’.

Import Bible Series 8-18

Of course, that’s not to say that David and the Import Bible team have forgotten their classics. Alongside The Heartbreaker (Mazda RX-7) and The Big Boss (Mercedes-Benz 190E, DTM’s ‘hammer’), there’s also a tribute to the GT86’s predecessor, the Toyota Supra. Of course, if you want something a little more…outlandish, you could go for an R34 Skyline. In turquoise…

– Shots courtesy of Import Bible

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